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low price Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

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Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve
1. Product Usage
1). Diaphragm valve and other valves the biggest difference is: the use of non-stuffing letter of the structure; rubber diaphragm can make corrosive media within the channel and all the drive parts in a completely isolated state, thus eliminating the usual “run, Drops, leakage “and other defects.
2). As the diaphragm flow channel is smooth, flow resistance is small, so you can get a larger flow.
3). Visible plastic diaphragm valve body cavity surface as seen from the complex for a variety of rubber. So it has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics.
4). Because the seal is a resilient rubber diaphragm. So it also has good sealing and minimal closing force.
5). The valve by the valve body, bonnet, valve, stem, diaphragm and other components and other components.
6). Valve opening and closing is to rely on rotating hand wheel to achieve. Diaphragm valve on the top of the valve cover marked with a glimpse of the valve opening or closing position of the display color to indicate the valve opening and closing stroke. When the hand wheel is placed clockwise, the hand wheel is moved down, and the flap is driven by the diaphragm to cut off the passage; otherwise, the valve opens and the color is revealed.
7). Diaphragm valve standard: in accordance with the provisions of GB12239, and in line with BS5156 requirements.
2. After-sales service commitment:
1. Service standards: as a good supplier of water machinery and equipment, I promised to strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 ISO14001 quality and environmental management system, standardize the operation, standardize the operation, and provide technical information related to the product description.
2. Quality assurance: product manufacturing and debugging testing are test records and qualified commissioning report. The detection of product performance, we have the whole process of equipment, full performance inspection test, until the equipment was confirmed before allowing the factory shipment.
3. Product delivery: Division I will comply with the contract, the agreement documents and the program offer documents in the terms, durability, security, as scheduled to complete the scope of the work of the equipment within the scope of the work, according to the contract to fulfill the obligations of warranty service The
4. The warranty commitment: Division I supply agreement within the validity of the products provided by the one-year warranty (except for non-quality problems and consumables), the warranty period of the product problems, I provide free spare parts and transport costs, Or natural disasters caused by damage, I provide free telephone support, such as customer needs Division I on-site service, the two sides resolved through consultation.
5. The service system: as a good supplier of water machinery and equipment, I provide all the products provided by the perfect after-sale security system; when the equipment failure, I will respond within 8 hours, 24 hours to propose a solution.
low price Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

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