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Nutrics Laboratories

Nutrics Laboratories was established to provide high quality food supplements manufactured with current GMP to the wider public. Our aim is to create ethical products at a great affordable price point. We take this very seriously and ensure that within our herbal range we use only vegetarian capsules with clear supply routes, this ensures that our products are vegan,vegetarian, halal and kosher friendly. Vegetarian capsules cost twice the amount of gelatin capsules, however this still provides a reasonable profit,and we are happy with that.
For some of our product formulations we require gelatin capsules, mainly the sports and beauty categories, for this we source the best quality halal and kosher friendly capsules on the market.

Our raw materials are sourced from reputable sources, which are then processed within our laboratory to ensure we are working with the right material every time. For this all incoming materials are identified using RAMAN spectroscopy. A step that isn’t required by the regulatory environment, but one that we feel is necessary to ensure the supply chain is credible.

Our formulation scientists ensure the right amount of each substance is provided within every capsule to ensure a safe, strong and effective product for your use.

We carry out downstream tests on every batch, such as weigh-checking, metal detection, disintegration and dissolution tests, moisture permeation tests and others to ensure you are getting a pharma grade product.

UK Supplement Manufacturing Laboratory; For wholesale enquiries please get in touch.